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Training & Instruction

Over 30 years of professional experience

While showing is not required, lessons and training rides are part of our program at Doc’s Haven Farm.

Rachel is a very supportive instructor who takes genuine delight in creating successful partnerships between her students and their horses. With over 30 years of professional experience, she is excellent at explaining complicated concepts and breaks them down into achievable pieces for both student and their horse to accomplish.

Rachel’s patient and sympathetic approach to teaching and training makes her a good fit with nervous horses and riders with fear and anxiety. She prioritizes a safe, educational and confidence building lesson experience.

With over three decades of experience she is capable of quickly identifying the root cause of behavioral problems . Her methodical approach to training builds a step by step roadmap for resolving them. Additionally, Rachel strongly believes in working with her dedicated team of vets and farrier to address physical issues and unsoundnesses which often accompany training challenges.

Whether you have a young horse or an older horse in need of retraining, Rachel’s approach builds a successful foundation to build on regardless of your chosen discipline, breed or background.